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We have taken on the task of supporting you with optimizing your portfolio of Intellectual IP rights!

IP right exchange Boost your IP benefits!

  • Do you or your company own IP rights which are not or not fully in use?
  • Are you the owner of a valuable trademark which you are not going to make further use of?
  • Is the volume of your patents and/or trademark portfolio exceeding your range of business activities?
  • Are you utilizing your IP rights only in a limited sector of engineering?
  • Or would you like to extend and optimize your IP Rights portfolio?

Our IP Right Exchange provides you with a space for acquiring, marketing or licensing patents and utility models as well as trademarks and designs. We are going to establish this Exchange platform – with the IP rights you put on display – nationally and internationally by enhanced marketing.

You will also be able to make new contacts, finding cooperation partners, e.g. for financial support, for combined R&D efforts as well as for joint operations in production, marketing or distribution, thus achieving your IP Rights being developed and successfully realized in the best possible way.

This is your opportunity for actively benefiting from your IP Rights and optimizing their utilization, thereby increasing your profits. Customized additions to your IP Rights portfolio will furthermore decisively ensure your competitive edge, and you may also find partners and/or investors for sharing a business idea.

IP right exchange Procedure

Knowledge Exchange Find your partner for best utilizing your know-how!

  • You have developed a software?
  • You have got a concept for an innovative product or a business idea?
  • You have acquired, in years of R&D work, a wide scope of know-how which you now wish to make available to companies or inventors?
  • You are on the lookout for companies prepared to financially support your ideas and to help you with their implementation?

There are many innovative ideas and product designs which cannot be filed for IP rights, i.e. as a patent, a trademark, a utility model or a design due to a lack of legal groundwork.

The Knowledge Exchange offers you a space for presenting your know-how, your software or other ideas to the public, thus enabling you to establish contacts to companies or private investors, and to cash in on your knowledge.

The Knowledge Exchange herewith enables you to put up your know-how, your software or your ideas for sale or for licensing.

The Knowledge Exchange further offers you an opportunity to find cooperation partners for development, financing or production.

Knowledge exchange Procedure

Evaluating your IP Rights Take care to put your IP rights and your know-how to the best possible use!

  • Are you aware of the value of your company’s intangible assets?
  • Are you seeking financial support for your company from investors of from public authorities?
  • Are you interested in your engineering IP right being exploited to the best profit, therefore requiring a reliable basis from which to negotiate your licensing or sales proceedings?

We offer you, in cooperation with Daub Patent and Law Firm and in accordance with DIN (German Industrial Standard) 77100 sound financial appraisal of your IP rights as well as an expert assessment of the chances for still unprotected innovations to be granted an IP right so that you are able to assess the actual values and chances of your Intellectual Property and to successfully negotiate cooperation arrangements, business contracts and license agreements. Moreover, an IP right evaluation carried out for an entry in the “IP Right Exchange”, prior to the closure of a business deal, will provide a reasonable assessment of its relative value.

IP right evaluation Procedure

Cooperation Combine efforts and boost benefits!

  • You have an IP right respectively know-how which you are convinced will successfully yield a profit if implemented and marketed?
  • However, implementation may fail due to a lack of resources, e.g. expertise, financing etc.?

In this situation you may enter your IP right resp. know-how in our IP Right Exchange resp. Knowledge Exchange so that you may search for a cooperation partner who is knowledgeable as well as trustworthy and will support you with the implementation of your intellectual asset according to your needs.


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What exactly are the IP rights exchange, the knowledge exchange and IP rights evaluation and what can they be used for?
The functions of these different units are explained in clearly understandable steps:

IP right exchange
Knowledge exchange
IP right evaluation



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